Discover high growth startups with rock solid foundations

If you’ve made it here, you’re likely an entrepreneurial high performer who loves to stay ahead of the curve. A top dog, if you will.  

Or maybe you took a wrong turn off the endless rabbit hole that is the internet – don’t worry, we may have something for you too.

Chances are you’ve toyed with the idea of starting your own business. Or maybe you even gave it a shot. The truth is most businesses don’t succeed. Starting a business is a tricky and time-consuming endeavor.

Let’s be honest, the founder life isn’t for everyone.

So you opted for the stable job. A big, brand-name company – something that made mom proud. Brag-to-grandma-and-tennis-friends level proud. 

The stability and perks were great for a while, but now you’re craving something different. You want more growth and skill development, and less Quarterly 360 Performance ReviewsTM. But you’re not about to take a huge risk to join your ex-college roommate’s “AI web3 <insert buzzword> startup.”

Fear not, my high performing friend! There is a sweet spot between risky startups and established corporations. We call them 10x companies. 

10x companies are midsized, high-growth, established startups that strike the perfect balance between high reward and low risk. Imagine if you had joined Airbnb in 2014 with 600 employees or Facebook in 2010 with 2,000 employees.

These wonderful companies have already found product-market fit and boast a satisfied customer base. 10x companies may not match a Google base salary, but they are way more fun and fulfilling. Here’s the kicker; by joining now, your equity value could skyrocket by 5-10x in just a few years.

That means you could rake in seven figures (rich people speak for a milli) as a mid-level employee within 2-5 years.

Sure, a 10x exit is by no means guaranteed – but the financial risk-return ratio rocks your socks off. You’ll also build the most relevant skills for your career at lightning speed. You’ll learn to thrive in both chaos and order. Yin and Yang. Free Pizza Fridays and a 401k match.

Yet finding 10X companies is no easy feat. These companies haven’t made headlines yet, so you need insider knowledge to identify them. LinkedIn might throw thousands of jobs your way, but it’s tough to spot truly special opportunities. 

That’s why we started 10x Job Spot– to help you effortlessly land a 10x job at a 10x company.

Our job board is expertly curated and vetted. We only work with companies that meet our stringent criteria. These firms are on the lookout for 10x employees, just like you.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter your email to unlock access to the best 10x job opportunities and level up your career.

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